Hiring Now: Ocean Springs Tech Inc

Ocean Springs Tech Inc of Desert Hot Springs is a leader in the pool remodeling, maintenance and construction industry right here in the desert and now you can jump in and join the team!

Looking for a pool service technician, no experience required, as well as pool builders and an office assistant with quickbooks and pool experience.

Personnel consultant Maria Becerra said that repair technicians are primarily sought.

“An ideal candidate would be someone who has worked in the field, is an expert in the field, and has at least five years of experience,” Becerra said. “The work environment is ideal for someone who enjoys being outdoors, enjoys working with their hands and is mechanical.”

Becerra says Ocean Springs would be a great fit for you due to the opportunities to advance in your career.

“That’s why we also offer our employees the opportunity to learn and grow professionally,” added Becerra. “The Apprenticeship Program. It prepares someone to become a pool repair technician.”

Becerra also says the company’s structure allows you to work your way up the ranks. Ocean Springs Tech Inc offers paid vacation and vacation time.

“We try to make everyone feel comfortable, and we also try to have fun at work,” Becerra said.

To apply visit https://www.oceanspringstech.com/job-apply/

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