Repairs to the leisure center’s swimming pool boom are due to take place in January

Clondalkin Leisure Center will fix the swimming pool boom

REPAIRS to the outrigger in the swimming pool at Clondalkin Leisure Center are due to take place in January 2022. The boom has been broken since August of this year.

In response to a question from Clondalkin Councilor Eoin Ó Broin about the repairs at a recent council meeting, South Dublin County Council has confirmed that repairs to repair the boom at the Clondalkin Leisure Center are booked for the week of 24th January 2022.

The council added that a specialized maintenance team will arrive with the necessary parts. However, it must be noted that this maintenance schedule is based on travel restrictions that remain in place between the UK and Ireland.

As reported by The Echo in early August this year, the leisure center’s boom was broken and it was estimated the repairs would take ten weeks, much to the frustration of visitors to the centre.

Despite the necessary repairs, the Clondalkin Leisure Center and swimming pool remained open throughout.

Since it opened in 2008, the Clondalkin Leisure Center has faced a number of different technical difficulties and in 2019 it was reported that €238,000 had been spent on repairs to the center since it opened, including €10,000 for swimming pool repairs.

In 2020, oil leaked into the pool tank and required four small hoses to be replaced with hydraulic fluid. Replacing the four hoses proved complex as a specialist contractor had to travel from the UK to carry out the work but was unable to do so until a later date due to the pandemic.

Similarly, there have been problems with the pool boom at Tallaght Leisure Centre, which is estimated to cost more than €500,000 to repair, The Echo recently reported.

The boom has been stuck in a permanently upright position for years, preventing 25m mid-float.

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