13 best pool toys that will keep you entertained in 2022

Summer is here, which means that your family is having some major fun in the pool. While a pool is a cool escape from the scorching summer heat, it’s a lot more fun when there’s toys to play with.

The Shop TODAY team has rounded up 13 of the best pool toys that will make the dog days of summer way more fun.

Best pool toys for kids and adults

Sun Squad Classic Beach Ball

The Target dollar spot is a great place to find seasonal items. One that is worthy of belonging in your virtual cart is this classic beach ball. It’s just $1 and these usually last all summer — that is, unless your dog gets ahold of it.

Sun Squad Splash Bombs Water Toys

Another cheap pool toy are these splash bombs. The sponge-like balls are great to toss in the pool for some extra, impromptu fun. Their foam material also allows them to float and you won’t get hurt if someone decides they want to throw it at you.

Sun Squad Dizzy Dive Rings

These diving rings are a summertime staple. They sink to the bottom of the pool and can be easily grabbed thanks to their textured finish. Be sure whoever is diving after these is a good swimmer since they will likely need to hold their breath to get them.

Toyer Bee Water Gun

These water guns are a fun summer must-have. They are made with the same material that pool noodles are made from and can blast water up to 35 feet. The water guns come in a pack of six, so no one in the family is left out of the fun.

Joinbo Inflatable Pool Ring Toss Games

Inflatable games are always a fun pool toy, and we love this family-friendly ring toss game. Each dolphin is worth a different amount of points, so this could get very competitive depending on your family. The game comes with the inflatable float, rings and a hand pump.

Poolmaster Swimming Pool Underwater Surf Board

Underwater surf boards are another classic pool toy that kids love. This one is made from a durable foam that won’t break or crack after the first couple of uses. The surfboard comes in red, green and blue.

Wow Watersports Inflatable Pong Game

Adults can have fun in the pool with this inflatable pong game. Fill the cups with your choice of drink, grab a few friends and see who comes out the pool pong champion. PS The game doesn’t come with pong balls, cups or a pump to inflate, so you’ll need to get all of that before setting this out in the water to play.

Inflatable Pool Float Set Volleyball Net & Basketball Hoops

Nets and basketball hoops are fun toys that everyone in the family can use. This set has both and includes an inflatable volleyball and basketball. The volleyball net also comes with two weight bags, so it doesn’t tip over every time it’s touched by someone.

Slices of Fun Splash Pad Sprinklers

For little kids who can’t swim yet but still love being in the water, you may want to consider this splash pad. The fun design features brightly colored, smiling citrus fruit. Just hook this up to a hose and let your kids splash around!

Boomart Inflatable Pool Cornhole & Floating Bean Bags Pool Games

Teens and adults will enjoy playing a round of pool cornhole. The patriotic boards float in your pool, while weighted bags are used to score points. The set comes with eight bags and two boards so two teams could play at the same time depending on the size of your pool. The inflatable set can also be used on land, but watch out for anything sharp that can puncture the boards or bags.

GoSports Splash Pass Floating Pool Football Game

If your kids play football at school or love watching it on TV, then why not let them be the star of the pool football league at your house? This pool football game set comes with four water footballs, a goal and a pump. The goal is made like a buoy so it doesn’t tip over or sink as games are being played.

Sunnylife Inflatable Buddy Shark Toy

Whether the kids are looking for an extra reason to splash around or just want a mascot for their watery fun, this inflatable shark noodle will make a great addition to all the pool fun the family’s looking to have this summer.

Coop Hydro Lacrosse

If they’re a lacrosse star on the field, there’s no doubt they’ll also be one in the pool. Coming with two lacrosse sticks with soft foam handles and a squishy ball, it’ll be easy to scoop, catch and throw while they’re playing in the water.

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