15 Best Pool Toys for Families in Summer 2022


Whether you’re a kid or an adult, when you have access to a pool, it’s essential to have a few toys around. Fortunately, there are plenty of toys on the market that’ll enhance your quality time in the sun—whether you want to lounge on the water or have a pool party in need of entertainment. Since a seemingly endless pool of options exists, we’ve narrowed down some of the best-rated toys for you to consider. From beach balls filled with confetti to a basketball hoop set, these playthings are sure to make your summer days a little bit brighter.

While you browse for pool toys, it’s crucial to consider a few safety precautions—especially if kids are involved. With any toys (old or new!), here’s what to look for:

Check toys before use. Look to see if there are any cracks, holes, or other signs of wear—especially when breaking out toys you’ve been storing during the off-season and haven’t used in a while. If anything is damaged, it’s best to recycle or throw it away. Make sure to also check for bugs that could be lurking in toys, because that won’t be a fun surprise in the pool!

Clean toys. Unfortunately, chlorine isn’t enough to keep your pool toys in tip-top shape. After heavy use, toys can accumulate a slimy buildup and bacterial growth. Rinse them every so often to prevent this. If they do get slimy, you can remove the layer using gloves and a bleach-and-water solution to scrub it away.

Go over safety rules. Make sure everyone knows the basic pool safety rules. For toys, refer to age limits that are recommended by the manufacturers to determine who can use them. Of course, you can also factor skill level in when making these decisions. Go over how the toys are meant to be used based on any instructions provided.

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Pool Volleyball Game

Take volleyball to the pool with this inflatable setup. It comes with an inflatable ball, bags that you can fill with rocks to anchor the net in place, and a repair kit. With nearly 7,200 five-star ratings, reviewers praise it because it’s ideal for all ages—not to mention budget-friendly.


Foam Ring Toss

Since this ring toss set is made of foam, it’s sturdy and can be played both in and out of the water. It comes with four rings in different sizes and colors. The best part? It requires practically no assembly, so you can easily play with and store it.


FUNBOY x Malibu Barbie Private Jet Float

Kids can hop on Barbie’s private jet for a pretend plane ride, or adults can lounge in the sun on this colorful float. It features dual handles for stability and an integrated cup holder.


Swim Thru Rings

Make obstacle courses for kids with these three rings that they can swim through. Each ring is 31 inches in diameter, has adjustable air chambers so you can choose how deep it goes, and is collapsible for easy storage. One reviewer said it was a hit with their kids, who are ages 6 to 11 and like to line them up in a row to create a tunnel.


Mr. Ray’s Dive and Catch Game

Perfect for fans of Finding Dory, this game involves helping Mr. Ray pick up Dory and her friends for a school field trip to the reefs. To play, toss the characters all over the pool. Dive to get them with the net. Each character floats at different depths for an extra challenge!


6-Pack Water Blaster Set

What’s more fun than having a splash fight with your friends and family in the pool? Upgrading from using your hands to using this lightweight foam water blaster, which comes in a set of six. To use it, all you have to do is pull back the handle to load it with water, aim, and push the handle forward to blast water at your target.


Beach Balls

You can never go wrong with a classic beach ball. These 16-inch ones take the toy to a new level. They’re filled with silver glitter confetti that sparkles in the sunlight—almost like a disco ball!


Floating Cornhole Toss

This twist on the classic yard game allows you to play cornhole both in the water and on land. It comes with eight toss bags that can be weighted with water or sand and boasts a fun rainbow design.


Shark Fish Hunt

If sharks and minnows was a game with a physical toy, it’d be this one. This set includes six fish sinkers and two shark nets for catching them. One reviewer who gave the toy a five-star rating wrote that it would even make a fun bath toy for younger kids.


Basketball Hoop Set

The whole family can engage in a little friendly competition with this inflatable basketball hoop set. Reviewers say it’s sturdy, made of thick vinyl, and that they’d buy it again. “We left it in the pool, had a severe hail storm, and it survived,” exclaimed one reviewer who gave it a five-star rating.


Diving Pool Toy Set

This diving pool toy set comes with all of the goodies you likely grew up playing with: torpedos, sticks, and rings. It even includes a drawstring storage bag, along with a few fun sea-themed toys for treasure hunting games.


Splash Water Bouncing Ball

Instead of sticking in the water as a beach ball would, these balls will actually bounce off of it. That means they can be used to play a form of catch or skipped like rocks.


Floating Table Tennis

Ping pong lovers will adore this floating version of the game. It includes two oversized paddles, a net, and three regulation ping pong balls. It can also be used on land if you place it on top of a table.


Underwater Surf Board

This board can be used for anything from balancing underwater to floating and kicking, as if it were a kickboard. The simple toy is available in blue, green, or red and is lightweight.


World’s Finest Pool Noodle

Sometimes, you need a break from all of the games to just relax and float. One of these thick pool noodles can easily help with that. Each measures 7.5 inches in diameter and is made of heavy-duty vinyl-dipped foam that can hold up season after season.

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