Amouranth Loses $2 Million Due to Typo

Twitch content creator Kaitlyn ‘Amouranth’ Siragusa discusses how she recently misplaced $2 million thanks to a simple typo.

amouranth loose 2 million typo

It’s no secret that the most successful Twitch and YouTube content creators can make a very good income. So good in fact that some, like amouranth, are already considering retirement at only 28 years old. After a hack late last year, the earnings of many top Twitch streamers leaked, and the numbers were astonishing. While some content creators denied the accuracy of the numbers, others confirmed that they did indeed make a good living streaming on Twitch.

As one of the most successful female Twitch content creators, Kaitlyn “Amouranth” Siragusa has recently begun to safeguard her future by making investments in various sectors. While some of these moves have been questionable, such as putting $1 million into a plastic ball manufacturer and $7 million into inflatable pool toys, others seem more savvy. In November, Amouranth purchased a number of gas stations, from which she expects to generate tens of thousands of dollars in passive monthly income. She also recently created 1,000 limited edition fart jars, which sold for $1,000 each, and invested $2 million in Google.


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With all the money coming and going from multiple bank accounts, and therefore being handled by third parties like accountants and bankers, there are bound to be a few hiccups every now and then. On Twitter, Amouranth asked her followers: “What would you do if you checked your checking account and found $2 million dollars?” It turns out that Amouranth tried to transfer $2 million from her business bank account to an investment account but, due to a typo, her bank accidently transferred the huge sum to the wrong person. “Somewhere out there is a person who got a crazy deposit notification,” the Twitch streamer tweeted.

In the end, it doesn’t matter what a person would do if they woke up to find a giant accidental deposit in their checking account. Upon learning of the error, a bank would immediately make moves to recover the money and correct the mistake. Such things have happened before, and it’s best not to get too excited because accidental deposits are almost always reversed, and quickly transferring the money to another account will only prolong the inevitable. Though Amouranth recently lost $300,000 to stock market investments, she doesn’t seem worried about the current situation, as she expects her money to show up in the correct account soon.

The Twitch streamer also mentioned that she may do a moderate giveaway soon, reminding her followers that winners should be careful to “cross t, dot i’s” with regard to any taxes due on the prize money. In 2021, Amouranth ended up owing $6 million in taxes, which spurred her to begin buying properties and making investments. In a tweet, she wondered if there were some giveaways exempt from taxation, though that’s unlikely. Even the new car Amouranth bought for her assistant in February will have taxes associated with it.

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