Best toy for 6 months old to 12 months old baby

Learning colors, sounds, numbers and even the periodic table (it’s never too early) has never been so fun.

After this first phase of newborns, toys for babies are more than just a visually fascinating distraction. Curiosity kicks in in full force in babies from 6 to 12 months of age when they start recognizing faces and objects, and then the real interaction begins. Toys geared towards this age group can support development, help babies connect with their senses and educate them through sounds, colors and different textures. We have found 15 of the best toys for 6 to 12 month old kids to excite your baby and keep him busy at least for a while.

The best toy for babies aged 6 to 12 months

Best Toys for 6-12 Month Olds: iPlay, iLearn Musical Turtle
Best toys for 6 month old kids: Fisher-Price Deluxe Kick and Play Piano Gym
Best Toys for 12 Month Olds: VTech Count and Chomp Dinosaur Educational Toys
Best Toys For Baby Development: Baby Einstein Around We Grow Activity Center
Best Educational Baby Toys: Leap Frog Spin and Sing Alphabet Zoo
Best Toys for Teething and Reading: ToBe Ready For Life Crinkly Cloth Books
Best Wooden Baby Toy: Melissa and Doug Chomp and Clack Alligator push toy
Best Sensory Toys For Babies: Mixi baby building blocks
Best Baby Bath Toys: iPlay, iLearn baby bath toys
Best Baby Genie Toy: Building blocks of the periodic table
Best Musical Toys for 6 Month Old Kids: Baby Einstein Magic Touch Wooden Piano
Best Baby Nursery Toys: Pottery Barn Kids Sherpa Bunny Plush Rocker
Best Outdoor Baby Toys: Bahom 3-in-1 playset
Best Baby Pool Toy: Karber Dark Fishing Floating Toys
Best Budget Baby Toys: Fisher-Price Rock-a-Stack classics

How to choose toys for babies

The CDC booklet “Milestone Moments” explains that by around 6 months, babies will try to grasp things that interest them, put things in their mouths, pass objects from hand to hand, and respond to sounds by making sounds do. Easy to grab, brightly colored toys that are made from safe materials for little mouths and make some kind of noise are perfect for this age group. Adults can also point out and describe the item that caught the baby’s attention, such as a B. his color, texture and shape to keep him busy.

Within the next six months, babies will begin to have favorite toys, point to things they know, learn how to play and share, and even know the names of their toys and the names of colors and shapes. They also learn the important concept of cause and effect through toys: what happens when they drop a ball, push a cart, press a button on a toy, place blocks in a container, or stack them.

Whether you want a range of toys for your little one to play with, or just a good multipurpose toy or two that they can really go to town with, you’re sure to find something for the first 6-12 months of life in our selection of the best toys below your baby.

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