Disgusting scene left by Australia Day revelers in Gordons Bay

Shocking before and after pictures show how a Sydney beach was vandalized by Australia Day partygoers leaving a trail of destruction in their wake.

Pictures taken just hours apart show the chaos left by partygoers on Australia Day at a popular Sydney beach.

The scene took place in Gordons Bay near Coogee which usually draws hundreds of revelers on January 26th.

In the first photo, the sands of the enclave are packed with people and inflatable toys ready to enjoy the seasonal weather.

Dozens more are spotted in the water relaxing on the pool toys. The area remained busy throughout the day.

But at sunset, Gordons Bay told a different story when only one group remained, while rubbish and toys were left strewn about the beach.

Among the chaos left behind were dozens of inflatable boats, Eskis and various items of clothing.

Large crowds gathered on Coogee Beach to enjoy the sunshine and some displayed Australian flags.

Some drank alcohol and partied while police closely watched the hordes.

NSW Police Superintendent Despa Fitzgerald said about 2,000 officers had been deployed across the state to keep revelers and protesters safe.

“In relation to the invasion day rally, we have a number of police officers who are ensuring the safety of people attending this rally,” she told Channel 9.

“Obviously the public health orders regarding mask wearing on the public net and indoors are still in play.”

Meanwhile, across the city, large crowds of Invasion Day protesters streamed through central Sydney, listening to speakers telling stories of relatives who died in police custody.

Invasion Day protesters swarmed the city and silently marched down Elizabeth Street on Wednesday after meeting at Sydney City Hall from 10am to mimic the historic Day of Mourning rally held at the same site in 1938.

The current Covid restrictions in New South Wales do not include a cap on outdoor gatherings and people at similar events are not required to be vaccinated or wear a mask.

Singing and dancing are also not permitted in pubs, entertainment venues, nightclubs or indoor events, and revelers are encouraged to hold their celebrations outdoors.

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