“Don’t use pool toys” on windy days on the Great Lakes.

MACKINAC ISLAND, Michigan (WLUC) – A Great Lakes Lifeguard Agency is reminding swimmers and boaters to exercise caution on the Great Lakes, especially on windy days.

According to the Mackinac Marine Rescue on Mackinac Island, the team broke their 2020 search and rescue record, and we’re not even into August yet. There were 13 rescues last year. This year just finished 15th.

And many of these rescues involve pool floaties.

“Please do not use pool toys on the [Great] Seen on windy days and label them with your name and phone number if you do so,” MMR said on Facebook. “Don’t take kayaks out to sea [Great] Lakes unless you know how to recover from flooding (and label them too.)”

MMR also reminded the public to always have and wear a U.S. Coast Guard-approved life jacket.

Although the Water Rescue Agency was formed, the team always hopes that their services will not be taken.

“As much as we love working on the boat, we’d much rather not be needed!” said MMR.

If you have non-urgent questions for Mackinac Marine Rescue, you can message the organization on Facebook or email mmr@cityofmi.org.

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