Fresno reopens public pools to help you cool off amid heat wave

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) — As most of Central California heads toward a stretch of record-breaking heat, local officials are offering multiple ways for residents to stay cool.

Swimming pools across the city of Fresno have opened and city officials said they would remain open through the summer this year.

The pools are open from 1 to 5 pm Monday through Sunday.

Regular pools
Anyone at least 3 years old and at least 3 feet tall and potty trained can swim in these pools. Swimmers 17 years and younger must pay $1 and those 18 and older must pay $2. No flotation devices, pool toys or swim diapers are allowed.

Frank H Ball Pool
760 Mayor St. (Ventura & A St)

Mary Ella Brown Pool: (Closed until June 21)
1350 E Annadale (Elm & Annadale)

Mosqueda Pool
4670 E. Butler (Maple & Butler)

Learner pools
Only children at least 5 years of age but not older than 12, and at least 3 feet tall, can swim in these pools. There is no cost for recreational swimming at learner pools. No flotation devices, pool toys or swim diapers are allowed.

Einstein Park
3566 E. Dakota Ave. (On Dakota, between Millbrook & First)

Finch White Park
535 S Trinity (Hwy 180 & Trinity)

Pinedale Community Center
7170 N San Pablo (Herndon & San Pablo)

Quigley Neighborhood Park
808 W. Dakota (Fruit & Dakota)

Romain Neighborhood Park
745 N First (First & Belmont)

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