I’m a mum-of-10 & spend over £350 on goodies for Easter – including 554 eggs

MUM-OF-TEN Alicia Dougherty obviously has to get a lot of food in to feed her large family.

But people were left stunned by the mum’s recent shopping haul for Easter.


The family of twelve, from the US, regularly share their lives on TikTokCredit: @doughertydozen


Alicia went all out for Easter this year, buying fishing poles, blankets and an array of candy and chocolateCredit: tiktok @doughertydozen

Posting to her TikTok acocount, Dougherty Dozen, the mum revealed exactly what she had planned for her ten kids for Easter year, which set her back £350 ($843).

In the clip, Alicia went down to Walmart to pick her ten kids whos ages range from 16 to three-years-old.

For the kids’ Easter egg hunt, she picket out ten buckets, naturally.

She then purchased ten Easter themed fluffy blankets, ten fidget balls, ten bubble wandsten fishing poles, ten sets of chalk, ten windmills and some clothes.

I wanted to surprise my students’ mums with cute charms - it was a TOTAL failI curled my hair & did my make-up while in labour to look my best for the birth

Alicia then stocked up on some Easter candy including ten chocolate bunnies, ten packs of jelly beans, candy necklaces, pringles and doughnuts.

But the haul didn’t stop there, she then went onto Amazon to buy the children their matching Easter day outfits in a cool mint green theme.

She also bagged each kid some new rain boots, swimming goggles and pool toys.

Then Alicia got into the haul for the childrens’ Easter egg hunt.

The mum-of-ten purchased Cadbury Creme Eggs and a staggering 554 pre-filled Easter eggs for the kids to find in their garden on Easter morning.

The video of the haul, which was watched over 90k ties left viewers stunned by how much Alicia spent on Easter.

One wrote: “I will never understand how you afford this all.. it’s mad how your able to spoil them all – I hope to be able to do this when I’m a mother.”

“Do you have unlimited money?” Asked another viewer.

A third exclaimed: “How do you got that much money.”

“You must be very rich.” Another stated.

The mum was asked by many viewers how she afforded her enormous Easter day haul


The mum was asked by many viewers how she afforded her enormous Easter day haulCredit: tiktok @doughertydozenOnline, the mum bought over 500 Easter eggs and matching outfits for the kids to wear


Online, the mum bought over 500 Easter eggs and matching outfits for the kids to wearCredit: tiktok @doughertydozen


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