Michigan State Police to flood swimmers: Stay out of water: ‘It’s gross!’

While sharing a photo of people swimming in floodwaters with pool toys, Michigan State Police is warning drivers and residents to stay out of the “gross” water after several inches of rain this weekend has led to water covering roads and filling basements.

“This water has debris, sharp metal, submerged cars, gasoline and oil floating in it,” state police tweeted. “There is also a good chance that there is sewage also in the water. In other words it’s big!”

Meanwhile, Interstate 94 between Rotunda Drive in Dearborn and Interstate 75 in east Detroit remain closed from the flooding. State police’s divers rechecked the area near Rotunda after reports of drivers going around barricades.

Divers checked eight vehicles and all were empty. No fatalities or injuries have been reported to state police from the flooding, Lt. Michael Shaw said.

State police on Twitter shared an image of a semi-truck stuck in several feet of water after making an attempt to plow through. Submerged cars also are blocking the path.

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“Please do not go around or move barricades,” state police said in a tweet. “And as always if you see standing water, turn around.”

Police and community leaders also emphasize that individuals should not go into flooded waters on roads or in homes. Wading through a flooded basement has an additional risk if the house’s electricity remains on.


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