Seaton man drowns on Grange Beach trying to save daughter

A man has drowned on a popular Adelaide beach after trying to save his baby daughter who had been washed ashore.

Core items:

  • A 49-year-old Seaton man died in Grange Beach Thursday morning
  • He tried to save his daughter, who had been blown offshore with an inflatable tube
  • Despite the efforts of passers-by and paramedics, he could not be revived

Witnesses say the 49-year-old Seaton man swam out to sea at Grange Beach in western Adelaide to rescue his daughter after she was blown up offshore with an inflatable tube on Thursday morning.

Michael Napper, 70, was playing bodyboards with his grandchildren when he saw the man enter the water to save his daughter.

“I ran out to get to him,” Mr Napper said.

“Before I could get there, the little daughter jumped out of the tube and into his arms in the deep water and he tried to save her.”

He then said the tube had been torn away from the couple by a strong wind.

“I managed to get her on the board,” he said.

Michael Napper raced out to sea to reach the man and his daughter.(ABC News: Eric Tlozek)

“When I got to him he was underwater and the next thing he did, I grabbed his pants and turned him over and got him over the water.

The man was pulled unconscious from the water along with his distraught daughter with the help of other beachgoers.

“I don’t consider myself a hero,” said Mr. Napper.

“I think I could have come to them sooner and I’m sorry I didn’t.”

Despite resuscitation attempts by citizens and paramedics, the father could not be revived.

Surf Life Saving SA’s Daniel Willetts said there had been four coastal drownings in South Australia in six weeks.

He warned against using inflatable toys on the high seas.

“Already today we have seen two incidents of this type today and that has led to the help of emergency services. We are therefore urging people not to take their pool toys to the beach,” Mr Willetts said.

“If you find yourself in a sudden offshore wind, you’ll be blown out to sea and get in trouble.”

He urged people to be extra careful in the coming weeks.

“With hot weather and school holidays approaching…beaches will be busier…please swim between the flags, swim in a patrolled area”.

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