The queen of hot tub streams has bought an inflatable pool toy company

Amouranth, Twitch’s hot tub empress, has bought an inflatable pool toy company. The streamer, notorious for pushing the boundaries of content on the livestreaming platform, is also quite the entrepreneur when she’s not dipping her toes in hot water.

The streamer explained her new purchase on her second Twitter account, @wildkait. There, Amouranth posts many details about her business ventures, like the time it took her to invest in a gas station and how technically it cost her – $110,000. Yes, that’s a negative sign, she explained the math and it’s possible by owing less income tax.

This time, however, Amouranth has poured money into a pool toy company. Or more specifically, a “manufacturer of swimming pool equipment, accessories, and inflatable toy products.” According to her thread on the subject, the company she invests in makes about $15 million a year in revenue despite having a few down years due to the pandemic.

Just a few rough strokes: The company generates ~$15 million in annual revenue. Is/was growing in the low single digits (but had a few years of declining revenue during the pandemic). EBITDA margins in the high teens ( and ENTIRE COMPANY January 10, 2022

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She notes that this isn’t just a small business either. It sells pool toys to both Amazon and Costco vendors, and occasionally lists its own products. The same company not only makes inflatable toys for pool play, but also floating pool lights, which have been used in many hot tub streams for aesthetic reasons. At least through the investment, Amouranth will get some lights for free now I suppose.

This won’t be the last we hear about their ventures. YouTube streamer Ludwig Ahgren is apparently working on his own business with Amouranth. As Super Smash Bros experts and ASMR enthusiasts, heaven knows what they’re working on. But due to their continued success as creatives and developing ways to get the internet talking, it’s likely to be a hit. Amouranth even compares himself and Ludwig to Vader and Palaptine, which is just a bit menacing.

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