The wildest, woolliest pool floats for summer 2021

It’s been a long, cruel winter, but now sunshine and summer are back in full swing. It’s time to invest in some new swimming gear, dust off that cooler and take stock of your inflatable pool toys. If your menagerie of kids’ pool swimmers is looking thin, 2021 is the time to make it big. And here’s some good news: from giant inflatable kites and buckin’ bulls for the grown-ups, to pirate ships and cartoon sharks for the kids, there’s never been more variety in such a niche space. Adding a giant inflatable unicorn or T-Rex to a boring pool party has never been such a big impact either. If you’ve been on the fence, it’s time to hop that sucker, buy some ridiculous pool floats, and start that Saturday afternoon drift at the nearest pool or pond.

We have collected more than two dozen spectacular inflatable toys for children and adults. These are all very imaginative but also well engineered, durable and easy to inflate and deflate. When the kids tire of pool games, the whole family can set sail on a giant slice of cool watermelon.

Giant pool floats for summer 2021

Nothing beats floating on a slice of summer. This watermelon island, seeds and all, is 6 feet in diameter and comfortably fits two adults.

Tyrannosaur Rex may no longer roam North America, but he’s still the king of pool rafts. At over 10 feet long from tail to teeth, this giant inflatable dinosaur eats other swimmers for lunch.

Is there anything more pleasant than floating away on a nice stretch? Perfect for an adult, this inflatable slice of veggie pizza features a soft pizza crust headrest and a pair of cup holders hidden among the mushrooms.

If you don’t like playing beer pong, then use this giant pool float as your very own water bartender. This pool float has a built in cooler to keep your drinks cold and slots for your cups. bottom line. It’s 6 feet long. Bottom line, again.

Yeehaw! Grab the proverbial bull by the horns with this insanely cool and cool insane float. It includes its own mini bull cup holder and can hold two adults or a couple of kids (maximum weight is 500 pounds). It is made from high quality UV treated vinyl.

A minimalist float that makes it easy to keep cool even on hot summer days by the pool. Two inflatable cushions are connected by a stretch of comfortable mesh so you really float on the water. It is spacious for one person but offers room for two. You can also convert the water hammock into a deck chair. Because it’s mostly mesh, it’s also easy to inflate and super portable. Weight capacity 250 pounds.

Had Jay Gatsby lived in our era of giant, jolly pool floats, he would almost certainly have had a dozen of them floating in the pool – surprisingly elegant, but just as fun as a rainbow unicorn, this oyster comes with a pearl-inspired beach ball.

This pool float is like having your own La-Z-Boy in the water. The contoured design brings the convenience and the cup holder brings the refreshments. Or ice cream.

This 63-inch avocado float comes with a bonus beach ball in the form of its detachable pit. Ideally paired with a giant inflatable onion, lime and tomato (for pool float guac), this avocado float is the perfect amount of silliness. It’s also nice and sturdy, with a 440-pound weight capacity and a quick inflation valve to get you in the water faster.

Without this majestic unicorn pool to swim in, your pool will be a desolate realm. Not only does this unicorn float bring the magic, it’s practical and designed for two adults (weighing a total of 400 pounds).

You’ll be obsessed with zooming around on this motorized lounger. This float features dual 66W motors with independent joystick controls at the end of each armrest.

Just add water! This ramen float fits a couple of adults or a couple of kids and remains stable thanks to its width of over 5 feet. Perfect for reading, sunbathing or just lazing around all summer.

You will feel like the king of dragons on this golden chariot with a huge wingspan. Measuring 103 inches wide, this massive golden dragon float will take up a sizable portion of your pool.

When you can’t go on safari, bring the safari to you with this elephant float. This pool whopper can support up to 500 pounds of weight. It is 4 feet wide and almost 3 feet tall.

Inflatable pool toys for kids summer 2021

Introduce your little ones to the wonders of summer pool time with this indoor baby pool. Recommended for babies from 9 months, this baby float features a super cute octopus that rotates 360 degrees, as well as a squeaker, rattle, stacking rings and a soft-touch star. It has two air chambers and an internal spring for more stability. There’s also a retractable canopy with mesh sides that offers UPF 50+ protection.

If your child loves Ariel, this is the pool float for them. Jump into this pool float and stick your legs under the water and you will look like a mermaid. Singing lobster, fish and problematic gender expectations not included.

From the golden horn to the rainbow tail, what’s not to love about this unicorn swimming pool? When inflated it is 82 x 40 x 35 inches. We’re talking serious pool action here. It is made from high quality vinyl.

This swan float easily fits two children or one adult and will provide hours of fun.

This wide and flat peacock chariot offers extra space to relax and can also accommodate a few people hanging on the side.

When relaxation gets boring, fire at will with these water gun-equipped swimmers with wings that turn them into stable swimmers. These airplane-shaped floats have a built-in water gun that draws water straight from the pool. If you don’t buy at least two and have a dogfight in the water then you are doing it wrong.

Like this shark, swims a bit easily – but that’s part of the fun.

This pirate ship lets kids use their legs that stay in the water to propel themselves forward while shooting at enemies with the built-in water gun. Kids stay in the float instead of on the float, so it’s a good option for more nervous swimmers.

Add some drama to your pool with this shark swimmer reminiscent of jaws. It inflates to over 4 feet.

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