These Idaho Criminals Were Caught Hiding In The WORST Place

You shouldn’t commit a crime. It is indeed illegal, and you will be punished when you’re caught. Trying not to get caught? We definitely suggest not doing what these obtuse criminals picked for their course of action.

Recently, 37-year-old Scott Robert Hensley was wanted in Idaho Falls for having numerous outstanding felony warrants. He did some bad bad things involving cars and drugs, and the cops wanted him behind bars. Only problem is, they had to find him.

It wasn’t as hard as you think.

Cops found Hensley, accompanied by a female who also had outstanding warrants, hiding in a commercial building in plain sight. That’s where they decided to hide from the police.

We’re no pros, but we’ve already thought of some better places for hide-and-seek:

  • Inside one of those video stores that got converted into a dollar store. Plenty of good hiding places in the aisle with the pool toys and bathroom accessories
  • Atop Table Rock, but not taking a picture to post on Instagram. No one will ever suspect you
  • At the record store searching for Kevin Federline’s greatest hits. You’ll be there a while
  • Behind the couch. It worked as a kid, right?

Obviously, we’re teasing. Don’t run from the cops. Even better, don’t commit a crime so you don’t have to worry about the police searching for you.

It’s a novel concept, but we’re pretty sure it could help out if you’re on the fence about committing a crime. Don’t, and you won’t be in trouble.

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