These pool toys will keep you entertained all summer long

If you’re lucky enough to have your own pool, you’re probably planning to spend as much time in it as possible this summer. The pool is a great place to keep kids or even yourself entertained. To spice things up, there are tons of fun pool accessories to buy so pool time never has to end.

Best Swimmer: JOYIN Inflatable Pool Floats

Best Noodle: Fix find pool noodle

Best Deep End Game: JOYIN 24 Piece Pool Toy Set

Best Card Game: A splash

Best Basketball Game: Intex floating tire

Best Soccer: Poolmaster Active Xtreme pool soccer ball

Best Fishing Game: CosyBomB magnet fishing

Best Float: JOYIN Inflatable Pool Floats

Floats are the dark horse of pool accessories. You never think you want one until you’re on one. These fruit tubes are great, easy to inflate and will add a touch of decor to your pool this summer.

Best feature: A pack of three means there’s enough room for everyone, and the fun fruit shapes add some fun, even more fun.

Best Noodle: Find Fix Pool Noodles

What not to do with pool noodles? These are obviously great for levitation, but what about lightsabers? You can even use them as water guns, but I’m done giving you ideas now.

Best feature: Creativity just flows through these things. Whether you’re splashing, floating, or sword fighting, there’s nothing you can’t do.

Best Deep End Game: JOYIN 24 Piece Pool Toy Set

This diving set includes seven diving rings, four sticks, four torpedo pool toys and nine pirate treasures. The rings and sticks stand in the bottom of the pool, are easier to grip and are not only fun, but also help with diving.

Best feature: With several different items to find, this will keep the youngins entertained for hours.

Best Card Game: Uno Splash

I knew you could play cards poolside, but I never thought you could hop in and get a game going without ruining your deck. This Uno deck has waterproof, see-through cards and a carry-on clip so none of your cards will float away.

Best feature: I mean it’s Uno… in the pool!

Best Basketball Game: Intex Floating Hoop

I think the floating hoop is a bit more fun than the hoop you can put up on the side. You can get two, the target is always moving and it’s easier to dive in. What’s not to like at the end of the day?

Best feature: For the tire star in your life, this will keep them entertained as they try to empty bucket after bucket.

Best Football: Poolmaster Active Xtreme Football

You probably shouldn’t get your pigskin all wet and this is the perfect alternative. This soccer ball is water-repellent and soft, so nobody gets hurt.

Best feature: The fabric is difficult to tear, and the ball floats and fills with water too.

Best Fishing Game: CozyBomB Magnetic Fishing

If your kids aren’t great swimmers yet, this game will keep them entertained for hours at the pool. It comes with a range of different fish and two rods so they can reel in something big.

Best feature: You don’t even have to go into the pool to use it.

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