Virginia Beach ‘unlikely’ to lift 20-year sled ban on Mt. Trashmore

VIRGINIA BEACH, Virginia — The 65-foot hill of Mt. Trashmore seems like a perfect spot for sledding, but the city of Virginia Beach banned sledding there more than 20 years ago.

City officials told News 3 that bruises, broken bones and even a ruptured spleen are among the reasons the city has banned sledding on the hill.

During a winter storm in the 1990s, 5,000 people descended on Mt. Trashmore, bringing with them everything from inflatable pool toys and trash can lids to vinyl tablecloths and cardboard toboggan rides. Officials said the hill was packed with people, many of whom ran into each other as they made their way down the slope.

Below, sleigh riders crashed into fences, trees, and parked cars, some even getting stuck under vehicles.

“I guess kids probably got hurt. That’s probably their main concern,” said Rick Casanova, who was training at Mt. Trashmore ahead of Friday’s predicted winter storm.

“Most people come here to walk around. I do the stairs – it’s like brushing your teeth, it’s like a habit.”

After the winter storm of the ’90s, the city banned people from sledding the steepest parts of Mt. Trashmore, but people were still injured.

In 2000, tobogganing was completely banned.

Given the numerous past violations and the fact that the park is unsuitable for winter weather activities, Virginia Beach Parks & Recreation said the ban was unlikely to be lifted.

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