Bigg Boss Live Updates: Sarayu Joins Mahesh In Swimming Pool

12:15 pm: Shiva removes his shirt and gets ready to go for a bath. Alarm rings. Natraj, Sarayu and Sravanthi are preparing food. 

12:00 pm: Shiva is now flirting with Mithraw who is busy with her make up. Shiva and Anil exchange some funny talk. Shiva complains of body pains and appeals to Bigg Boss to give him some medicine.

11:45 am: Teju asks Natraj for a banana. Teju goes to a corner in the kitchen and adjusts her innerwear. Shiva and Ariana engage in a personal chit chat.

11:30 am: Natraj’s dance moves in the kitchen while preparing breakfast. Sarayu joins Mahesh Vitta in the swimming pool.

11:15 am: Ariana says that she feels every part of her body. She appeals to Bigg Boss to send a butter cheese dosa.  

11:00 am: Shiva shows the T Shirt with the caption ‘Forgive to Forget’ to the camera. Mahesh Vitta breathes heavily after his workout. Bindu Madhavi gets up to take a bath. Mahesh Vitta joins the girls in the swimming pool.

10:45 am: Natraj preparing breakfast with whatever is available in the kitchen. Bindu exposes about disturbing mosquitoes in Bigg Boss house at night. Anil is still looking sleep deprived.

10:30 am: Shiva plays with the camera funnily. Shiva and Bindu end up into a romantic flirtation of hitting each other on foot. Shiva attempts to tickle Bindu Madhavi. Sravanthi brushes up her face and the skin exposed by a low-cut garment with makeup powder.

10:15 am: Mithraw and Ashu jump into the swimming pool while the male mates enjoy the visual feast. Shiva and Bindu chat while lying on the sofa. 

10.00 am: Ashu asks Shiva who gave him the permission to smoke? Master Natraj, Anil and Ajay are idle with morning dullness. Anil looks like suffering from sleeplessness. Sravanthi complains about unknown smokers in the bathroom. Teju is applying oil to her body and face cracking some double meaning dialogues

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