Code Brown: Parents warned after Collie Public Memorial Swimming Pool closes

Staff at a Western Australian pool have issued a warning to parents after the facility closed on Thursday.

In fetid 39C weather, the Southwest state’s Collie Public Memorial Swimming Pool issued a Code Brown.

On Facebook, the facility said, “Due to a major fecal contamination” – in other words, a major turd, the pool would be closed for the rest of the day.

The pool staff apologized to the guests for the incontinence…I mean the inconvenience and asked the parents to be more vigilant.

“Please ensure children who are not fully toilet trained wear swim diapers,” pool staff said.

“Sometimes it’s an accident, but please take the right precautions first.”

Many social media users thanked the pool staff for letting them know about the mishap, but others couldn’t help themselves.

“The great brown shark ruins all the fun,” one person commented.

For those willing to take the risk, staff said the pool will reopen on Friday.

“The chlorine level now has to go down, which will take up to six hours. Thank you for your understanding, we aim to operate our pool at the highest level,” said the pool staff.

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