Dundee Council inquiry into controversial £4.5million Olympic swimming pool closure

Dundee City Council has opened an inquiry into the controversial closure of the city’s Olympic swimming pool.

The Audit Committee’s special session will meet next month to discuss issues at the state-of-the-art facility.

City councilors will fully examine the circumstances behind the problems at Olympia and with the home’s roof being replaced elsewhere in the city.

They will discuss what led to the $4.5 million worth of work

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Officials are currently reviewing all paperwork related to two reports requested by the Committee.

Kevin Keenan, convener of the Audit Committee, said: “Many of the documents examined are very technical, detailed and complex and to ensure the best possible analysis by committee members and the broader council it was agreed to hold a special, additional meeting date.

Kevin Keenan, Audit Committee convener.

“We need to be able to fully verify the circumstances that led to the required corrective action.”

Fraser Macpherson, one of the committee’s deputy conveners, added: “Given the sheer volume of documentation and the complexity of the details of these issues, it is important that a special Audit Committee meeting be placed on the Council Committee calendar.

“This allows these important matters to be discussed in depth rather than at a general meeting that would have been convened to discuss numerous other issues.

While Derek Scott, the committee’s other deputy convener, said: “The roofs and Olympic issues are critical and council members need to be given all relevant documentation and the time to discuss and question officials at length at a special meeting.”

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