Homebuyers Dream of Outdoor-Centric, Move-in Ready Homes

As the best time to list your home for sale approaches, you may be wondering which home features catch the eye of buyers. To answer this question, we used property views data for homes with certain features to analyze the preferences of home-browsers on Realtor.com. Because many of these most-desired features are somewhat less common, all views data was analyzed on a per-home basis. This helps us roughly match demand and supply to get a sense of how popular homes with these features are relative to how commonly buyers will find them.

As the nation transitioned to new work and leisure norms during the pandemic, home preferences shifted as well. Many of these preference shifts are here to stay, as shown in the most recent views-per-property data. In early 2022, home-searchers were keenly interested in spacious, move-in ready homes with outdoor amenities for activities and leisure. 

Buyers Hope to Take a Dip

Among the top 10 most sought-after features are a swimming pool (ranked 1st) and a hot tub (10th). In early 2022, homes with swimming pools saw nearly twice the viewing activity than the average US home. Demand relative to supply for these homes has also grown over time. In January 2022, properties with a swimming pool saw viewing activity per property 17.0% higher than peak-swimming (and peak-homebuying) season last year (March – August). 

Searching for a Home with a View

Homebuyers showed heightened interest not only in having access to water features (i.e. swimming pool and hot tub), but also in having a good view of natural water features. In early 2022, properties with ‘waterfront’ (4), ‘beach’(7) and ‘river view’(3) features were among the most viewed, garnering 46.4% more views per property than the typical property in the US. These preferences emphasize buyers’ desire to enjoy nature from home.

Spacious Inside and Out

During the pandemic, many households took advantage of work-from-home arrangements and moved to locales that offered more space for less money. This trend seems to be holding strong as both external and internal features that indicate access to space were among the most popular features in early 2022. Homes flaunting their size with cathedral ceilings (6) and a library (13) tended to be popular. On the outside, buyers were particularly interested in homes on a big lot (8) with an outbuilding/shed (9), enabling plenty of space to convene with nature.

Hobby-Supporting Features

Homes that support buyer hobbies were particularly popular with horse facilities (5), boat facilities (14), community golf (21) and tennis (23) all ranking in the top 25 most-viewed features. Homes with these features boasted an average 37.2% more views than the typical US home in the same time period.

Move-in Ready

Supply-chain issues have thrown a wrench in the plans of many homebuyers hoping to buy appliances and furniture or take on any remodeling project. To this end, our data shows that home-browsers on Realtor.com give relatively more attention to homes that are furnished (12), have a washer-dryer (19), a new roof (24) and homes with an updated kitchen (25). Each of these features pushes a home closer to move-in ready, allowing buyers to celebrate their purchase after closing rather than contend with logistical challenges.

Want to know more about how to make your home popular to buyers? Check out Realtor.com’s Guide to Selling Your Home.


Top 25 Home Features by Views per Property (Jan – Feb 2022)

Home Feature
1 Swimming Pool
2 River View
3 Waterfront
4 Horse Facilities
5 Cathedral Ceiling
6 Beach
7 Big Lot
8 Outbuilding/Shed
9 Spa or Hot Tub
10 Water View
11 Furnished
12 Library
13 Community Boat Facilities
14 Lake View
15 Pond
17 Golf Course View
18 Washer/Dryer
19 Pets Allowed
20 Community Golf
21 No HOA
22 Tennis
23 New Roof
24 Updated Kitchen
25 Basketball



  • Home features must be highlighted in at least 5000 listings to be included in analysis
  • Average views per property calculated by dividing total views per home feature by number of properties which have this feature.
  • Views per property averaged over January and February 2022, then ranked.

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