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VIJAYAWADA : Foundation Minister Vellampalli Srinivasa Rao on Saturday inaugurated the renovated Vijayawada Municipal Corporation swimming pool which was developed here at Guru Nanak Nagar Colony on Saturday at an estimated cost of Rs 1.48 crore.

On that occasion, the minister said that the foundations were also laid for a hiking trail and a park, which will be fully open to the public later in the year.

In addition to carrying out various development works such as roads and sewerage in the city, parks are being modernized in many areas to protect the city environment and provide a comfortable environment for residents, he said. To keep people healthy, walking paths would be laid out in many places and the parks would be beautified, said the minister.

VMC Commissioner V Prasanna Venkatesh said about Rs 1.5 crore was spent on upgrading the swimming pool, as well as establishing a small park, path and gym. The swimming pool has been fully developed with all kinds of facilities to make residents comfortable, he said. Mayor Rayana Bhagya Lakshmi, YSRC leader Devineni Avinash, VMC chief engineer M Prabhakar Rao and other officials were present.

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