New residential building with day care center and swimming pool approved for MetroWest

Developer Pulte Homes to Build Residential Buildings with a Community Park in MetroWest (Courtesy of DLA Piper)

The retail, recreational facilities and other amenities promised to MetroWest residents are finally on their way.

Developer Pulte Homes on Tuesday (Jan. 25) received approval from the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors for its plan to construct five new residential buildings in the 56-acre community south of I-66 and the Vienna subway station.

The 9-0 vote marked a milestone in the district’s efforts to realize a 15-year-old vision of MetroWest as a mixed-use development that would have predated the Mosaic District and recent growth at Tysons if it went ahead as expected would have come.

“We are committed to meeting the community’s goal of completing these final bays,” DLA Piper attorney Antonio Calabrese said, representing Pulte at Tuesday’s public hearing.

The original MetroWest plans, approved by the county in 2006, aimed to convert a single-family neighborhood with 2,248 multi-family units, 300,000 square feet of office space, and at least 100,000 square feet of retail and other commercial uses, including a day care center.

While some of the residences have come to fruition, including senior housing and an assisted living facility, the five buildings where Pulte concentrated its commercial space and a town center planned by developer CRC Companies faltered after the 2008 recession.

The five buildings yet to be built at Pulte’s part of the MetroWest development (courtesy of Pulte Homes)

With the rezoning application approved this week, Pulte has adjusted its plans to raise the daycare’s enrollment cap from 100 to 150 children and requested that the facility be incorporated into the 35,000 square foot commercial space on the ground floor that it has agreed to provide .

The proposed mid-rise and high-rise buildings will have 480 residential units, including 52 affordable housing units, and a public-access community park with a swimming pool reserved for MetroWest residents, among other recreational facilities.

In addition, Pulte will contribute $500,000 to safety improvements at the intersection of Royal Victoria and Vaden Drive, according to Providence District Supervisor Dalia Palchik, who is representing MetroWest but was absent from the vote while on maternity leave.

In a statement to Tyson’s reporter, Palchik’s office called the revisions “a refinement and improvement” over what was approved in 2006, noting that there were no changes to the density allowed in MetroWest.

“Supervisor Palchik greatly appreciates the collaborative efforts of everyone involved to improve the design of the yard, pool, pathways and buildings,” the supervisor’s office said. “…[She] looks forward to continuing to work with all stakeholders to ensure the MetroWest district is completed.”

Calabrese told Tyson’s reporter that the developer will now begin work on detailed site plans and construction work for the approved buildings, although there’s no clear timeline for when construction may begin.

“Pulte is grateful to Supervisor Palchik for her steadfastness and guidance,” he added.

As for CRC’s portion of the project, the developer said last fall that it had received regulatory approvals for the 9.8-acre downtown area and could potentially break ground in mid-2022, subject to county approval for a submitted site plan.

Discussions to resolve reported conflicts between desks and CRC are ongoing.

“There have been fruitful ongoing conversations between these big landowners,” Calabrese said. “Everyone associated with MetroWest recognizes the tremendous potential and value of these strategically located locations, as well as the inherent benefits of completing this attractive, thriving community.”

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