Plans for a Wantage industrial unit show it could become a swimming pool

Plans for a new pool could see an industrial unit turn into a ‘commercial, therapeutic and learner’ swimming pool in Wantage.

The planning application on the Vale of White Horse District Council website asks to change the use of the Brick Kiln Works to a swimming pool.

The applicant, estate agent Green & Co, highlights in the supporting statement of the application that the prospective tennant would like to use the site for their swim teaching business.

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In the supporting statement is said: “It is not the prospective tenant’s intention to create a recreational, ‘public swimming pool’ in the conventional sense but a bespoke, pre-booked, private facility where clients can be taught to swim at their own pace and/or benefit from improved health through therapeutic use of the pool.”

The applicant believes the new business will add “diversity” to the industrial estate, which already accommodates a mix of businesses.

Plans for the learner swimming pool are still in the consultation period which is set to end on February 8. The council is set to make a decision on the plans by March 7.

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