Plans for gym, swimming pool and extended kitchen to Bournemouth house

PLANS have been lodged to extend a house to provide additional kitchen space, a new garage, a swimming pool building and a gymnasium in Bournemouth.

An application has been submitted to extend 35 East Avenue to provide space for the new amenities.

A design and access statement submitted with the application said: “The 35 East Avenue house is of 1920s interwar age and possesses a great deal of underused space to both sides and the rear of the original house.

“The needs of the applicant and family for an improved quality of life now require the provision of a retained double garage, swimming pool and gymnasium.

“As proposed the applicant intends to extend the existing side double garage (can accommodate up to four cars) forward by two meters in front of the original house building.

“This requirement is because of the need to recoup garage floor area lost by the attachment of the new swimming pool enclosure and the need to maintain a 7-8m clearance distance away from the rear garden protected Scots Pine tree.

“Sitting above the side double garage the applicant proposes a new first floor level extension to contain a gymnasium for the fitness needs of himself and his family members. The front of this new extension is shown to be physically set back from the original house front building line.

“Attaching to the rear of the existing double garage will be the new swimming pool enclosure extension running parallel with the mutual plot side boundary with 33 East Avenue.

“The single and two storey height extensions at the 35 East Avenue property have been designed so as not to stand out unduly within the street scene and will be very much in character with other side extensions to East Avenue properties within the conservation area specifically referenced in this planning report.”

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