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Surat: The Surat Municipal Corporation (SMC) has decided to bear the GST burden on swimming pool fees. This which means citizens desirous of using the swimming pools of the civic body won’t have to pay this tax on the fees.
The decision was taken at the standing committee meeting of SMC on Thursday. GST on swimming pool fees falls under 18 per cent slab. In the past too, SMC had decided to bear GST burden on fees of aquarium and few other facilities.
“At present, the SMC swimming pool fee is around Rs 2,400 for one year which is nothing compared to private swimming pools. The annual GST amount would be around Rs 432 and it is nominal,” said an SMC official.
The proposal to bear GST on swimming pool fees came at the start of summer as the number of applications has started increasing. The swimming pools remained closed for a long time due to Covi-19.
Even the number of applicants was few after the pools were reopened.
“The total GST burden will be very low and it was decided by the standing committee that the civic body should bear bear this. SMC is already paying GST on fees for a other few facilities,” said an official.

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