South Tyneside memories: Temple Park swimming pool, going ‘down street’ and Saturdays on King Street

Well, today we’re reliving those fond memories of trips Saturdays on King Street, the wave machine at Temple Park swimming pool and going “down street” on a Friday night.

There’s nothing more comforting than a trip down memory lane, and Shields Gazette readers have been telling stories from their past for this week’s Throwback Thursday.

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Pick and mix at Woolworths, dress shoes for the pub and catching a film at The Gaumont or the ABC form just some of your stories – and we have loved reliving these moments with you.

‘down street’

Jane Shortland: “Having to be dressed appropriately to get into the pubs; no jeans, shirts with collars, dress shoes. Packed pubs with a DJ playing great dance music. Waiting in a mile long taxi queue to get home.”

Shields Gazette readers have been sharing their fondest memories of younger days.

Debra Slesser: “Going down street on a Friday night for the best nightlife in the North East. Starting at 7pm and every pub chocka block!”

Ian Fraser: “The kids play area at Marsden Grotto pub.”

David Robson: “Turned away from pubs cos you didn’t have black dress shoes on.”

David Hopper: “Putting black socks over your trainers to get into a club.”

Enjoying the facilities at Temple Park Leisure Center in 1979.

Hitting the shops

Claire Carr: “I remember the gift shops on Ocean Road.”

Valerie Taylor Garthwaite: “Going round the markets on Fridays/Saturdays at top of King Street.”

Doris Osman: “Getting dressed up to go down King Street with my mam, priceless.”

Stephen Sullivan: “The static shock from the railings to go downstairs at Woolworths. The ramp at Geordie Jeans!”

Carol Todd: “Getting dressed up on a Saturday morning to walk up and down King Street all day!”

Dennis Williamson: “Corner of King Street.”

Mark Hornby: “Looking at the TVs in Dixons window on a Saturday afternoon to find out the football scores.”

Plenty of fun

Kerry Clements, Steven Johnston, Jade Johnstone, Elise Scott all shouted out:”Temple Park swimming pool.”

Stephen Sullivan: “That noise when the waves were about to start.”

Graham Jordan: “Derby Street Baths and swimming galas.”

Ken Barron: “Going to ABC minors matinee Saturday morning.”

Brenda Owen: “The Gaumont Cinema.”

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