Spring cleaning to shut down Deep Eddy Pool starting April 10

AUSTIN (KXAN) — Be prepared to not have access to Deep Eddy Pool for a couple of weeks.

Starting April 10, the popular swimming pool will close until April 24 for annual spring cleaning, the city said in a press release. It will resume normal operation on April 25, the city said.

Austin trying to rebuild its depleted lifeguard base — or else pools won’t stay open

Austin Parks and Recreation also needs lifeguards to work at city pools now and through the summer. As the weather starts to heat up consistently, more people will head to the pools to cool off.

City officials told KXAN it has 100 fewer lifeguards than it needs to staff all the year-round and seasonal pools. Deep Eddy Pool, located at 40 Deep Eddy Ave., just west of Austin High School, is one of five year-round pools that PARD operates.

With the shortage of lifeguards, PARD closed Barton Springs Pool for two additional days during the week. Working at the pool requires lifeguards to have an extra certification for open water, and PARD said it currently doesn’t have enough people that possess it. The closure will continue until PARD hires and trains more lifeguards.

You can help end the shortage by applying to become a lifeguard on PARD’s website. There are $500 bonuses available for those who qualify and pay begins at $15 per hour.

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