Updated opening times for Sean Treacy Memorial swimming pool in Tipperary Town

Arising from the recent decision of Government to ease certain public health measures many of the pandemic restrictions have been lifted which has allowed Seán Treacy Memorial Swimming Pool in Tipperary Town to update its operating times for the general public, schools and clubs.

Our New Opening Times
Monday, Wednesday, Friday

10.00 to 19.45 sessions every 45 minutes
19.00 to 19.45 adults only

Tuesday and Thursday

10.00 to 19.00

Saturday and Sunday

10.00 to 16.45

These times may be subject to change once swimming classes and school groups return.
Children’s swimming classes will return mid-February, but numbers will be limited. We are also welcoming back schools to the pool.

We have a number of people pre-paid since March 2020 and they will be prioritized for swimming classes.

It’s been 2 years since classes have been run so we ask customers to please bear with us. Both spectator areas are open to the public.

Lifeguards & Swimming Teachers Training Courses
Training courses will be provided by an external instructor to provide opportunities for people who want to become lifeguards and swimming teachers in Seán Treacy Memorial Swimming Pool. More information will be available on our social media in the coming weeks.

Please don’t visit our facility if you are suffering any Covid related symptoms for the safety of both staff and other facility users.
There will be no pre-booking for public swimming sessions but numbers in the pool will be monitored by staff.
Masks are required on entering and exiting the building.
Hand sanitisers will remain in place.

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