[Video] World’s deepest swimming pool opens in Dubai

The world’s deepest swimming pool, clocking in at a depth of 60m and holding 14m liters of water, has opened in Dubai

Deep Dive Dubai, which has been verified by Guinness World Records, will offer freediving and scuba diving experiences in a sunken city that includes an abandoned streetscape, apartment, garage and arcade.

Freshwater is filtered and circulated every six hours

It also features dry chambers at 6m and 21m, 56 underwater cameras covering all angles of the pool and advanced sound and mood lighting systems.

The pool’s freshwater is filtered and circulated every six hours through siliceous volcanic rock using Nasadeveloped filter technology and UV radiation.

1,500 sq m facility references the UAE’s pearl diving heritage

The 1,500 sq m facility is shaped like a giant oyster, referencing the UAE’s pearl diving heritage, and also features a dive shop, gift shop and 80-seat restaurant, as well as a variety of meeting, event and conference spaces.

Large viewing areas on the lower floors of the building allow diners to peer into the underwater environment.

Along with being the world’s deepest swimming pool for diving, Deep Dive Dubai is also the region’s largest underwater film studio, complete with a media editing room and video wall.

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