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An $8.05m rebuild decision for Wellington’s much loved Khandallah outdoor swimming Pool has secured its future for generations to come.

Today’s meeting of the Wellington City Council’s Pūroro Rangaranga Social, Cultural and Economic Committee considered three options, two of which offered varying degrees of refurbishment. However it was the full rebuild inclusive of a heated middle section of pool with built-in spa that the majority supported.

“This was a decision that had to be weighed up carefully and in the final outcome was made for the Onslow suburbs and all Wellington residents as a whole and will prove to be an investment that will contribute to fitness and more children actively engaged and trained in the life aquatic,” said Mayor Andy Foster.

“Khandallah pool sits in a beautiful park location much loved by Wellington swimmers, teachers and families for its unique setting and atmosphere. It’s value in terms of wellbeing is extremely high and our decision recognizes that.”

The Committee considered the range of work included in the successful full rebuild of the pool bid that includes, deep water cold water section and bombing platform and season adjusted to run once the work is completed from October to early April of exceedingly high community value.

“The benefits to Wellington as a whole far outweighed any option not to rebuild or to delay making a decision as was originally recommended,” said Councilor Diane Calvert who has been a long term advocate for the upgrade.

Committee Chair Jill Day, who seconded the proposal to fund the rebuild, said the pool is an iconic outdoor facility – and with heating its use can be extended into the cooler months. “If anything there is a growing need for pools around the city – our young people need places where they can learn to be confident and keep themselves safe in the water – but also have fun. I have great memories of fun times in the pool when I was younger.”

Cr Calvert said there was also significant groundswell of public feedback in support from a petition of over 500 signatures, advocacy from swim professionals, support by the local MP Greg O’Connor and the many Wellingtonians who commented publicly and wrote into Council. Ensuring this pool continues for many more generations of Wellingtonians goes to the heart of what councils do – providing community amenities for the people.”

Next steps

  1. The committee’s decision will be incorporated into the work for the Annual Plan noting that the budget is scheduled to commence in the 2023/24 year
  2. Officers will report back in May on the scheduling for the further design work, which is to include community (local and expert) input, and the construction phase

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