What Swimming Pools Are Open Today

Overview of the Current Status of Swimming Pools

Swimming pools play a crucial role in our lives, providing an avenue for relaxation, exercise, and recreation. It is important to know which swimming pools are open as this information is relevant for individuals looking to swim. Whether you want to enjoy a refreshing dip on a hot summer day or engage in lap swimming for fitness purposes, having access to open swimming pools ensures that your needs are met.

List of Open Swimming Pools Today

Here is a list of swimming pools that are currently open today:

  1. City Pool
  2. Address: 123 Main Street
  3. Contact: (555) 123-4567
  4. Operating Hours: 9 am – 6 pm

  5. Community Center Pool

  6. Address: 456 Elm Avenue
  7. Contact: (555) 987-6543
  8. Operating Hours: 10 am – 8 pm

  9. Columbia Pool

  10. Address: 789 Oak Street
  11. Contact: (555) 234-5678
  12. Operating Hours: 8 am – 7 pm

  13. East Portland Community Center Pool

    • Address :1415 SE >Toilet Bowl Drive.
      Operating hours :10AM–>11PM

5 .Ida B.Wells Outdoor Pool **
Address:1600 Pryor Road.
Operating hours:06AM–>07PM

The above mentioned facilities offer various amenities and services suitable for swimmers with different preferences and skill levels.

Safety Measures Implemented at the Swimming Pools

In light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, strict safety measures have been implemented at these swimming pools to ensure the well-being of all visitors. The pools strictly adhere to the guidelines set by health authorities to mitigate the risk of transmission. Some of the safety protocols in place include:

  • Mandatory mask-wearing for all staff and visitors, except when in the water.
  • Frequent sanitization of commonly-touched surfaces such as handrails and doorknobs.
  • Enforcing physical distancing measures with marked areas for individuals or groups.
  • Limiting pool capacity to maintain appropriate distancing between swimmers.

In addition to COVID-related safety measures, swimming pools have also implemented other precautions such as regular lifeguard rotations, proper signage indicating deep water areas, and a strict no glass containers policy on the pool deck.

Amenities and Services Available at Swimming Pools

Each swimming pool offers a range of amenities and services designed to cater to various preferences. Whether you’re interested in lap swimming, diving boards, or thrilling water slides, there is something for everyone. Some notable features available at these pools include:

  1. Lap Pools: Perfect for those looking to swim laps or engage in water aerobic exercises.
  2. Diving Boards: For individuals who enjoy diving into deeper waters with skillful precision.
  3. Water Slides: A favorite among children and adults alike, offering an exhilarating ride down twisting flumes.

These facilities strive to provide an enjoyable experience while ensuring safety remains a top priority.

Admission Fees and Membership Options

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To gain access to these swimming pools’ facilities, certain fees may apply depending on your chosen option:

1 . Daily Admission
– Adults (18+): $5
– Youth (under 18): $3
2 . Season Pass: Enjoy unlimited access throughout the season for maintenance fees paid upfront:
– Individual Pass: $50
– Family Pass (up To 4 members): $100

Discounts are often available based on age group or special promotions run by individual facilities from time-to-time. It is always recommended to check for any ongoing discounts or promotions before planning your visit.

Tips for a Successful Visit to the Swimming Pools

To make the most of your swimming pool experience, consider the following tips:

  1. Check Ahead: Before heading out, it is wise to check the pool’s website or call ahead for any updates or changes in operating hours due to inclement weather or unexpected closures.
  2. Bring Essential Gear: Don’t forget your swimwear, towel, sunscreen, and any necessary swimming accessories such as goggles and swim diapers if needed.
  3. Arrive Early: To secure a spot and avoid crowds during peak hours, try arriving early when pools open for regular business hours.

By following these simple tips, you can ensure an enjoyable visit without any hassle.

Nearby Recreational Activities or Facilities

In addition to swimming pools’ offerings, there are often other recreational activities and facilities located nearby that can further enhance your day out. Some options may include nearby parks with picnic areas where you can relax after a swim or local beaches where you can enjoy sunbathing and beach volleyball. Additionally, certain sports facilities might be available close by offering opportunities for basketball games or tennis matches.

FAQ Section

Q: Are floatation devices allowed in the swimming pools?
A: Yes! Coast Guard-approved flotation devices are permitted within designated areas under adult supervision.

Q: Can I wear street clothes and shoes on the pool deck?
A: No. Proper swimwear should be worn at all times on the pool deck.

Q: Do I need to take a cleansing shower before entering?
A: Yes! Taking a quick shower before entering helps maintain cleanliness within the facility.

– Admission fees may vary from one facility to another.
– Children must always be supervised by adults while inside these aquatic centers.
– Swim lessons offered at these venues cater to different skill levels and age groups.
– Access to City pools can be limited during periods of high demand, so planning your visit in advance is advisable.


In conclusion, knowing which swimming pools are open today is essential for individuals looking to enjoy a refreshing swim or engage in water-based activities. The provided list of open swimming pools along with their addresses, contact information, and operating hours will help you plan your visit accordingly. With the implemented safety measures and a wide range of amenities available at these facilities, you can have an enjoyable experience while ensuring the well-being of yourself and others. So go ahead, grab your swimwear, pack your essentials, and make the most out of these open swimming pools today!



  • Person: An individual who visits or uses the swimming pool.
  • Outdoor Pools: Swimming pools located outside, usually exposed to the elements.
  • Indoor Pool: A swimming pool that is enclosed within a building.
  • Parks: Public areas where swimming pools are often located.
  • Lap Swim: A designated time period for individuals to swim laps in the pool.
  • Swim Lessons: Instructional sessions aimed at teaching individuals how to swim or improve their swimming skills.
  • Water Wings: Inflatable arm bands worn by children for buoyancy and assistance in water.
  • Admission: The act of entering the swimming pool facility or paying a fee to gain access.
  • Aquatics: Referring to activities and facilities related to water-based recreation and sports.
  • Youth: Individuals who are young or under a certain age range as specified by the program or facility.
    -Lifts*: Devices used for safely transferring people with disabilities into and out of the water.
  • Shorts : Garments worn on lower body during recreational activities like swimming
  • Pool Rentals : Opportunities provided by facilities/centers with pools allowing public/private parties/events
  • Pool Visitors : People coming in numbers/frequency of visiting city/public/private pools
  • Admission Fee : Charges paid at entry points / counters / gates etc., either one-time payment/fixed duration basis

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    Street clothes Clothing typically not designed specifically for participation in aqua based activities/swimming eg Jeans/Pants/Skirts/Dresses etc.,
    Street Shoes Regular shoes meant for walking around on roads/pavements etc.,

    Lazy River Slow-moving aquatic attraction found mostly at water parks, resorts, recreational centers

Complete List Comprehensive inventory/information covering all available things/places/people/topics

Maximum Capacity The maximum number of persons allowed within an area determined considering safety factors/regulations

Daily Pool Fees Charges/Prices applicable per day/visit to swimming pools
 Pool Programs Structured activities or services provided by the pool facility for its visitors

Leisure Pool A type of pool primarily designed for relaxation and recreational purposes

Lap Pool Swimming pool specifically constructed and designated for lap swimming

Public Pools Swimming facilities open to members of the general public

Ida B. Wells Outdoor Pool : Name/title given to a specific outdoor swimming pool

McKie Pool: Name/title given to a specific swimming pool facility

Peninsula Outdoor Pool: Name/title given to an outdoor swimming facility located at Peninsula area
Pier Outdoor Pool :Name/title assigned usually with reference an outdoor/pier/swimming pools

Pleasant Ridge Poo l: Title/name associated with a particular neighborhood/community/area’s
recreational aquatic place

POOL DAILY : All about daily schedule/daily operations/facility opening & closing timings etc., available on daily basis

Pool Entry: The act of entering the swimming area either through gates, doors, etc.

Pool Schedule: A planned timetable indicating operating hours and activities offered at the pool.

Saxon Woods Po ol – A name assigned/given probably after some locality/address/street/place
as identifier in context of aquatic center

Access To City Pools- Permission/granting entry rights/approval etc., from authorized entities or governing bodies responsible for maintaining city’s aqua centers.

Additional Pools – Extra aquatic facilities not part if already mentioned ones are referred as additional pools

Barry Po ol – Name attached/provided identifying another possible/mostly standalone swim center in certain region/locale/city/town

Break For Poll Cleaning- Temporary pause/disruption due cleaning/sanitizing /maintenance work being carried out

Centers With Pools – Places/hubs/spots featuring dedicated spaces meant exclusively/exclusively createdfor providing various water related amenities/services

City Swimming-pool – Public aqua-center managed by local civic bodies

Closed Pools: Swimming pools that are currently not open for use due to maintenance, repairs, or other reasons.

Columbia Indoor Pool : A swimming pool located within a building in Columbia area/place/location etc.,

Complete Pool : Term used when all necessary/pertinent details/info about any aquatic facility/center is provided
making it fully comprehensive/inclusive /all-encompassing

Creston Outdoor Pool : Name/title given to an outdoor swimming facility situated at Creston place/locality

Jr Swim Instructor- Younger individual serving as a swimming instructor

Alexandria Swim Academy – Institution/Organization/Training center offering lessons and programs related to swimming in Alexandria area

1-hour weekly swim practices: Sessions conducted once every week with duration of one hour each. It refers to practice sessions dedicated solely towards enhancing the skills & abilities of swimmers.

10-session introductory swim class – Beginner level instructional program consisting of 10 sessions/classes. It serves as an introduction or foundation course for individuals new to swimming.

BeachesParks Swim ProgramsSpray- Programs offered at beaches and parks that include water activities such as spraying water.

Current lap swim schedule: The most up-to-date timetable outlining the designated times for lap swims.

Ft of Water: Measurement unit indicating the depth (feet)of water present in the pool.

Water Adjustment – Process involving modification or alteration made on the chemical composition and/or temperature levels within a body of water like a pool.

Water Features – Additional elements added into pools such as fountains, slides, jets etc. providing interactive experience/water entertainment

Adult Water Aerobic Exercise – Fitness activity involving aerobic exercises performed in waist-high water primarily targeting adults

Balanced Water Fitness Classes – Group fitness classes held specifically focused on promoting physical well-being through various types/exercises tailored according/to match/balance needs/requirements/adaptation of individuals in aquatic environment

Basic Water Safety: Fundamental knowledge and practices related to safety precautions, rescue techniques, and emergency preparedness in aquatic environments.

$5 Drop-In Admission : Fixed fee of $5 charged for single entry into the pool facility without any membership/long-term commitment

Admission wristbands – Identification bands or tags provided to visitors as proof of admission payment.

Daily admission – Payment required for access to the swimming pool on a daily basis.

Daily admission fee – The cost associated with gaining entry into the swimming pool for one day.

Daily admission payment- The act of paying the required fee for accessing the swimming pool on a daily basis.

Aquatics Staff – Employees working at an aquatics facility responsible for ensuring safety, providing assistance, managing programs etc.

Trousdell Aquatics Center – A specific named aquatics center where water-based activities are offered

Aquatics Division: Department within an organization or agency dedicated specifically towards managing all aspects related to aquatics operations & services

Aquatic Programs: Offerings/services/facilities centered around various water-based recreational activities available at pools

Aquatic Team – Group/people comprising staff members involved in overseeing/organizing functions /operations/aspects/particulars pertaining/pertinent/relevant regarding facilities/provisions/safety/measures associated/directly linked/concerned/in charge/taking care/etc.,with/of running water centers

Lifeguard shortage: Insufficient number of trained lifeguards available compared to requirements/demand

Jr Lifeguard : Younger individual fulfilling role/job/task/responsibility similar/a-like normal/adult life-guard’s tasks/jobs

Nationwide lifeguard shortage : Scarce availability/lack/existing problem being faced by many places/cities/counties/nations as per trend prevailing nationwide.

Lifeguard staffing levels : Number/count/quantitative measure indicating current position/placement/workforce distribution status concerning lifeguards

Applications for Lifeguards : Forms/requests/applications submitted by individuals willing to work as a lifeguard. Usually required to be filled by applicants.

Portland Parks & Recreation : Governing body responsible for managing parks and recreational facilities in the city of Portland.

Houston Parks: Organization/entity overseeing operations, management, and maintenance of parks located in Houston area

Milwaukee County Parks: Authority tasked with administration/running/maintenance etc., related activities associated with various parks situated within Milwaukee County

Cedar Rapids Parks & Recreation Department- Entity/body/officer looking after overall management /operations/service provision regarding recreation and park areas under its jurisdiction.

Youth ages – Age range or specific age group considered as youth for program/participation purposes

20-Visit Pass – A prepaid pass providing access to the swimming pool facility 20 times within a designated time period

Program for Youth: An organized set of activities designed specifically for young individuals

Youth Swimmers – Individuals who are young or fall within a certain age range participating in swimming-related programs or events.

Playland Beach – Name/title assigned/given probably after some locality/address/street/place
as identifier connected/contextualized with beach/swimming spot

Beach Entry Entry – Access point/way/path through which people can enter into beaches/waterfronts

Beach Furniture – Various types/kinds/designs/styles/items/equipments found at seashore resorts meant specifically/useful/convenient during visit/spending time/beachside fun

Beach Volleyball- Game/sport played on sand where teams hit volleyballs over a net

Adult-to-child group ratios– The specified ratio/distribution comparing number count/balance between adults accompanying children during visits/times spent at pools/playgrounds etc.,

Child Ratio – Relationship/proportion /measure indicating presence/population/density/frequency/comparative situation/volume
concerning/how many children/young individuals accompanying/supervised/watched by adults

Lifts*: Devices used for safely transferring people with disabilities into and out of the water.

Aquatic Lift: Equipment designed specifically to assist people with disabilities in entering and exiting the water.

Chair lifts – Mechanical devices facilitating assistance/support while sitting, standing or moving from one place to another

Basic Skill Development- Teaching/practicing fundamental skills necessary for swimming/water activities

Competitive Skills- Abilities/aptitude required/enhanced/improved/cultivated for participating/taking part/performance at competitive level events

Additional Person – Any individual beyond the specified capacity/limit allowed within a certain area/facility

Class per person – Cost/payout applicable/person/relevant per unit (each) participant/member/student enrolling/registering themselves/himself/herself in class/course/session etc.,

FACILITY HOURS: Operating hours designated/appointed/determined/established/specified periods of time during which facilities are open/functioning

Select Facilities – Specific locations/premises/buildings identified/chosen/designed solely/exclusively earmarked for specific purpose/services that usually falls under aquatic domain

Weather Permitting : Conditional depending on favorable climatic conditions/climate suitable/proper/enviro-friendly
circumstances/atmosphere allowing particular event/activity/task happening

30-minute closure – Temporary suspension/break/interruption/disruption lasting 30 minutes

Center Closure : Total shutdown / temporary closing down ceasing operations/accessibility temporarily possibly due to some issue/incident.

Clean Swimwear: Clothing exclusively meant/appropriate specifically allocated/reserved only for wearing when swimming

Basketball shorts: Shorts commonly worn by basketball players; may also refer to shorts suitable/generally worn while playing basketball

Cut-off shorts : Shorts that have been shortened or altered, often resulting in frayed ends or an unfinished hemline

11th Street NW: A specific street or location indicated by its name in relation to the swimming pool.

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